About Graham Coffelt

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I am a Junior Sports Media major at Oklahoma State University. I am a contributing writer for cowboysrideforfree.com and varsitypreps.com, and as always I am constantly looking for more opportunities to gain experience. I am an award winning amateur sports writer and sports columnist, and I am now trying to branch out into sports talk radio. Sports are my passion and that is what drives me to work as hard as I do every day. I am very strong in social media skills, which are a cornerstone now for any successful radio program. Part of my current job as a contributor is following every move of athletes on twitter. I have broken news before on Twitter and I pride myself on being ahead of the curve in that regard. I want to become an icon in the sports media world, especially in sports talk radio. I want people to have the same passion about sports as I do, or at least have something to hold onto in the sports world. Sports offer an escape from the everyday world and that’s what I want to bring to people ultimately.


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