Special Mid-Week Post: Sports Illustrated and Its Apparent Witch Hunt

I typically only post once a week, but after today’s fiasco and the ongoing circus that will remain until Sport Illustrated finishes its exposé series on Oklahoma State I feel that it is a opportune time to get my opinion out there. Right now, I am going to tack on just three major questions/arguments that I have with all of this, and I can almost guarantee that throughout this week, I will add to this so stay tuned…….

1. This is incredibly unprofessional to allow someone of Thayer Evans reputation to be able to work on a story like this. He may not be an OU grad, but like many OU fans he is a staunch supporter of their athletic program. He has also written pieces that have tried to tear down the OSU program before, one fairly recent one in 2011. So if I am an editor, why in the hell would he be put on an assignment like this. There are far better investigative sports writers out there, and Evans has proven it himself with his shoddy reporting. My feeling is that if Evans were not a part of this story, you could have this piece done to any other major football university in the country. When Evans became a part of this project though, it was obvious where his sights were pointed.

2. Where in the blue blazes is the evidence? We have all of these claims by former players and zero hard evidence to back it up. Someone is either lying somewhere, or this is just the building up of a greater hype-machine. Think Paterno/Penn St. with the type of fallout that could happen if they are holding their evidence to the very end. Seems more like second-hand and second-rate reporting though. Even more so with Evans doing a huge chunk of the reporting.

3. The backlash today has been nothing short of legendary. Players that were around the program at the time of these alleged incidents are vehemently denying any wrong doing. Even players that have zero connection to that time period are doing the same. What does  that say about this reporting? What does it say when multiple of the stories “sources” are coming out and saying that their words were being spun to make it sound a certain way. Obviously if you have read the article, it is a negative way.

This is cooking up to be a long week of allegations and continual backlash. Be on guard Cowboy family, there will be bigger storms than today coming as the week progresses. It will be a testament to this fan base if it can withstand all of the noise and still be unified by the end of this. A lot can happen, even the worst possible outcomes, but OSU will be stronger for it in the long haul.

Boone Pickens Stadium, home of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. (Photo via Flickr/Ensign Beedrill)

Boone Pickens Stadium, home of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. (Photo via Flickr/Ensign Beedrill)


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