Witch Hunt: Day Two

A new day, a new topic of discussion. Sports Illustrated released part two of their five-part series, and today the subject is academics. I will only touch on this briefly because there are some bigger things that needed to be talked about.

1. So academic fraud is the buzzword for today. What all does that really entail? I’ll tell you, it is test files and tutors having to teach players by doing homework. This happens in every dorm room across a college campus. This is not a special treatment for players. Unlike the other typical violations, the actually evens the playing field for players. They are watched so closely, when other students have test files and cheat off of homework all the time. You cannot ignore it, it does happen.

2. Alright so now that is out of my system, let’s get to the big fish today. Aso Pogi. Remember him? Yeah, I barely do. Anyway, he shed some serious light today on the “reporting” of one Thayer Evans. Basically long story short, Pogi was never told he was on the record, Pogi was not told that the “conversation” was being recorded, and Pogi said that his words were spun and taken out of context. So here is what happened here. We have a reporter that has now broken just about every journalistic ethics rule in the book. It may not bring about any legal trouble unless Pogi can prove that his words were used libelously, but you can once again question the integrity of this entire series and for that matter, Sports Illustrated. This is troubling to think that this sort of reporting is happening, especially with a person that has a track record and allegiances like Evans. Regardless of truth in this series, I do hope Evans is reprimanded for his unethical and possible unlawful behavior.

Former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden throwing a pass for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. (Photo via Flickr/Erik Drost)

3. Today has been a much more relaxed day on the media front. It’s really been one big story (Pogi) and not much else. Everyone is still throwing around their opinions, which is great. I do think though that those of us in Oklahoma will be seen as homers if we are just merely defending our school, even though we have the right to do so. For those that are merely onlookers at this potential train wreck, don’t worry, it’ll be over soon and we will have the truth. That much I can guarantee.


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