Golf has issues too

After reading John Paul’s article in the Wall Street Journal, golf has officially entered the realm of major sports again. The reason why, they have issues within the sport. Not just Tiger Woods and whatever antics he may bring, but issues across the board. Allegations of special treatment and performance enhancing drugs are far too common in most popular sports so this may be a potentially good sign for golf.

Golf has been down and out since the Tiger Woods scandal took off, so the PGA and others, although they should still be battling the issues that they have, should find some solace in the fact that they are like their other major sports counterparts. The only thing holding them back now is Tiger’s slump. If he can break the records everyone thought he could, golf will be near the top again.


4 thoughts on “Golf has issues too

  1. It is really sad that golf has one well-known person. That it takes Tiger Woods having a good year for golf to have some of the sports spot light!

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