Least Valuable Potter Box Module

The ability to adapt is a cornerstone to any decision making. That being said, definitions, a component of the Potter Box Model of Reasoning and common aspect of life itself are rigid and don’t allow for much adaptation. Definitions are hard to get around because they are so universally accepted. This means that adaptation is limited.

Definitions are meant to be used as a baseline but many people are too caught up in allowing something making the decision for them and uses the definitions as the only aspect to their decision making process. If one decides to make definitions the only part of their decision, it is a shallow decision and mistakes are more likely to be made.

That is why the Potter Box is the way it is. It has four components, and all four components need to be used. Definitions are the least valuable in my opinion and values are the most important, but if the other two components aren’t used in some capacity then mistakes are more likely to happen when the final decision is arrived at.


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