Brian Williams

Journalists are supposed to be the truth tellers that overcome all the lies and deceit that society propels toward the general public. So shouldn’t someone that bases their professional livelihood on being a truth teller also live their personal life as such?

Brian Williams was once one of the most respected journalists in the business. His coverage of national and global events are what made him the superstar in the industry that he was and in some ways still is today. Now though with his transgressions regarding what happened to him while covering the war in Iraq.

Immediately, the credibility of one of the most respected men in the business was gone. It didn’t take days, months, or years. It took seconds for most. As soon as someone read one of the plethora of articles, they made a judgement. Most went with Williams being a liar.

So looking at whether or not a journalist should live their personal life in the way they should and do report the news, I believe they should. Although most people don’t come into contact with famous newsmen and women, but the ones that do, if they see the same man or woman they see on TV, the credibility of that person is fortified.

In the same way that Brian Williams got into trouble, no one in the viewing public wants to hear different stories from the same person about one event. If a person lives both their professional and personal lives in the ethical nature that the journalism industry bolsters, then two different stories should never be coming from the same person regarding a single event.

I’m not sure if Brian Williams lives his life like he presents the news, but if he does, then most people are going to question not only the professionalism of the man, but question the man himself.