Violence in Video Games

In our political correct world, violence in video games that are in any way realistic are seen as wrong. There are multiple reasons why that is the case. School shootings have been one of the crutches that the court of public opinion uses against violent video games. Instead of looking at the issue of kids with mental disabilities and issues committing these type of crimes, the media unfortunately looks at the video games kids play and somehow derive that a kid becomes violent based off of what they do in the virtual world.

For me, as someone who has played plenty of video games, I have not felt any more aggressive or violent in nature due the type of violent video games that I play. It is all fantasy. For some people, they have a fantasy to hurt and kill people, but that is not an issue of video games. That is an issue of mental health for those type of people.

Of course those people shouldn’t have those games in their possession but there is no way to police that. The rating system for games is perfect the way it is. The only true way that violent video games are affecting our culture, is how it creates a firestorm of conversation among politicians, concerned parents and school administrators.

Violence is unfortunately a part of our world, and the depictions in video games are becoming more and more realistic. These video games can teach us how bad violence can be and for a lot of video games, how bad war is and how war has effected our history as humans.